Pond edging

Edging the pond: must it be rocks?

This was the initial sod but I later expanded to cover most but not all of the stones–looking for a natural shore look. The sod took on the stones …

How do I cover up the liner’s edge with plants?

When I dug it out I made sure the edge was not straight and this allowed me to put different sized rocks in an attempt to make it look natural.

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A shallow garden pool with a few ornamental rocks and grasses along the pebble edging.

Pond edge redo

… with the rocks back around the pond. I’m sure I will move a few around but it looks better than I thought it would without having them in the water.

My 600G Koi pond: I know what I did this past summer

July 31 2007

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Sorry yet more advice needed! Turf edging – Pond Design and …

Old pond by Lara Feline on Flickr

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All seems to work OK so now is the time to empty the pond and sort out the sides which will be edged with bits of Cotswold sandstone.

16 | February | 2011 | Modern Yardlover

You are now officially done digging building lining and edging your water garden!

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RIMG0023 by col747uk on Flickrsealed with V8 after wards you don’t want the fish in the pond as the cement will get in waterhave to empty and clean out …

Pond edge redo

Now I need some ideas to make the edge around the pond look good. I have some flat rocks but most are not very big. Thanks DC

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Pond Edging as any amateur ponder knows is one of the hardest parts of building a pond IMHO! I had used broken up concrete from a old patio I took out with …

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Anyways hope everyone is well and thanks for looking.

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Pond filled with water and stone edging installed

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Pond edging.

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Pond edging in place

Hiding liner edging into soil

Note that at this point the black liner still showed but our edging was secure our quot;beachquot; was in and we were able to start adding plants.

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